Sabbath Rest (and play)

Today was a good day. We went to church and learned some good stuff about fear. I learned the right thing to do when my kids are scared—PRAY–DUH. Also that fear is a combination of pride and control. Hmmm, that must be why I worry so much–I’m a control freak. After church we had lunch with my mother-in-law. I then took a nap with my kids in her spare room. Then we got to go swimming at the water park. I got to deal with one of my fear issues–wearing a bathing suit in front of my peers. My loving husband put it so nicely when he told me that I should only be trying to impress him and that he thought I looked great. (I have such a great husband!) It is so fun to see the kids having fun in the water, especially Joel. He is so carefree. We were in waist deep water(my waist not his) and he would say “Let go, Mommy”. I let him go just enough to let him dip his head under water, then I would pick him up again. Other times I would put him on the ledge and as soon as I put him up there he would jump into that deep water, without someone to catch him. Abigail still has some wariness about the water park but she is getting better. Sometimes we have to drag her up to the slides and force her to go down. Then, she wants to keep going on them. Lydia knows her limits and tests them once in a while but still stays mostly on the safe side. We went with our sunday school group so it was nice to have the extra parents all around keeping an eye out for all the kids. It was wonderful playing in the warm water and seeing it snow outside. The best of both worlds. It was a good time had by all.

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