Princesses and Their Prayers

Abigail received a Princess Bible Devotional from one of her Sunday School teachers. The girls and I read out of it quite often before they go to bed. The scripture we read one night recently was Psalm 139 “…You knit me together in my mother’s womb…” the devotion went on to talk about that God made us each very special. For our prayer we were supposed to thank God for the specific ways he made us special. I prayed first and thanked him that I could play the piano and that Abigail had long, straight hair and that Lydia had short, curly hair, etc. Then Abigail prayed and thanked God for her sister and her handsome brother. Then came Lydia’s turn… “God, thank you that mommy can play the plano. Thank you that I can play the plano and that I’m better than mommy. Thank you that when I sleep I can count my mice, and my sheep and my kitchens.” (I think she meant chickens.) “Thank you for Daddy. I love him more than anyone in the whole wide world. Thank you for myself. I love my self. But I love you more than me. Amen.”

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