She Did It!

A couple of days ago Abigail came home from school with her “tie” shoes on, untied. I was once again reminded – I need to teach her to tie her shoes. Then seconds later it left my mind. Last night I spotted her “tie” shoes again and immediately said, ”Abigail let’s work on tying your shoes.” I knew if I didn’t do it immediately it would slip my mind again. So I had her wait in the living room while I went to go find the shoe tying story that I received from her teacher. By the time I got back to her she had almost had it mastered. She was just missing one loop. So I sat down with her and read her the poem while coaching her with the loops and after a couple of tries she had it. She said that the story helped a lot, but I think she just needed a little encouragement. When daddy came home she was so excited to show him her new skill. He was so proud of her. We decided she should get some new “tie” shoes. So Jonathan and Abigail went shopping and celebrated with ice cream.

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