Our First Night Home

I was really looking forward to finally being home and not traveling back and forth anymore. It was fun having the benefits of both towns but very exhausting. I was ready to stay and relax. So we get to our new home around 6 or 7 Wednesday night.

We got to enjoy dinner with Jonathan’s mom, who we hadn’t seen for awhile. It was nice catching up with her.

I don’t know when it happened during the evening, but at some point Jonathan found an “amazing” deal on RAM for our computers on The catch was that it was first come, first serve. So he wanted to leave immediately. I was not going for that. As many of you know, Joel does not go to bed well and I did not want to deal with that on my own an additional night. So, I reluctantly said he could go after Joel is stays in bed.

Jonathan ended up leaving around 9. About a half hour later I get a call. “Honey, I locked myself out of my car.” You can just imagine what I was thinking at that moment.

So, I woke up all the kids and loaded them into the van to head to downtown Minneapolis. Keep in mind that I do not know my way around. I am totally dependent on my GPS (which was in the car with his keys). Jonathan was trying to direct me to him. I made it downtown, but was unable to make sense of his directions after that. So, once I was totally at the end of my rope, he decided to make it easier on me and try to walk to where I was. It was about half a mile away, but he found me. We got his car and headed home. We were home by 10:30. I let Jonathan get Joel back to sleep.

And, yes he did get the RAM. So, apparently I’m supposed to be thankful because my computer is faster.

Thanks, hon. I love you.

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