Little Messages

Lydia commented to us tonight “I love paper” and she does. When we go shopping she sees paper and says that’s what she want’s for her birthday. She is always wanting some paper or more specifically a notebook to draw or write messages on. Sometimes she writes actual alphabet letters but lately it has been a lot of just scribbles.

The other day she was sitting at the dinner table writing and dinner was ready. So I said “Lydia, put the paper away.” I had to repeat myself at least once if not twice. (If you know Lydia she likes to do things on her own time.) When she decided she was done she showed me what she had been writing. “Mom, this is what it says” (pointing from right to left) “Lydia, put the paper away(next line)Lydia, put the paper away(next line)Lydia, put the paper away.” I wasn’t sure whether to laugh my head off or chide her for being disrespectful. So, of course, I laughed.

Another time she wrote a note to my mom. “Grandma, I wrote a note for you. You should read it.” My mom said, “Well, I’m not a very good reader, so maybe you should read it to me,” hoping that Lydia would interpret the scribbles. Lydia said, “Okay. Dear Grandma I love you very much. Love, Lydia.” Then she said, “Grandma, next time if you can’t read it you should just sound it out.”

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