Getting Out of the House

On the third Sunday in May, we took advantage of the free day at the Children’s Museum. We had so much fun we bought a year pass. I’d been wanting to bring the kids again and it was finally time.

All of us were tired of being stuck inside (on and off sickness and trying to stay cool). So after getting everything and everybody ready to go (which always seems to be an occasion in itself) we were off.

I was relying on my google map directions to get us there since the GPS turned out to be very unreliable, but that’s an entirely different story. In 85 degree weather, no AC and not one wrong turn we made it.

We decided to start at the top this time which is an outdoor exhibit. The kids had fun mopping a deck, painting rocks(with water), and watering plants.


We then went inside to Earth World where you get to explore different animal habitats. We saw a real snake, turtles and fishes. Then the kids tried out the beaver den. They got to wear a beaver vest with a tail.


Next they went crawling through the ant tunnels. This one was a favorite. They kept busy chasing each other,dressed up as ants, through the two story tunnels.


Next we found a new gallery that wasn’t open the last time we visited called Our World. It was like a mini city. They had a post office, doctors office, grocery store, restaurant, bus and costumes to wear. They had a lot of fun delivering mail, shopping with the mini grocery carts, and preparing meals.



There was another stop we made that was a lot of fun. It was a small room so the larger groups couldn’t go in, which made it a nice escape. It had sand, water and rice tables, a painting easel and some mice to watch. The kids each painted a picture and Abigail left a note in the mouse mailbox, since he was sleeping.


Next up was world works, where they got to move ping pong balls in a water tube maze, boat races and bubbles. There also was a two story block factory with conveyor belts where many kids got to work together to keep the blocks moving.


Last but certainly not least was the fairytale gallery. They had dress-up clothes for the prince and princesses. There was a glass slipper to try on, a carriage to sit on, become one of the shoemaking elves, slide down the beanstalk and more.


So if you ever want to bring your kids down for a good time, this is the place.

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