Story Time


One of our new favorite things to do at our new home is to go to story time. In my search for things for me and the kids to do outside of the house I have found many options just for story times. We can go to the christian bookstore, Barnes and Noble, or the Library. We can go on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. We even have the option of going in the morning or at night. Our first trip was to Barnes and Noble. They had a nice lady reading animal stories with plenty of expression and there were about ten kids sitting around her. The girls enjoyed it but Joel knew there were trains to play with on the other side of the room. He didn’t think the stories were interesting enough to stick around for, until…The Starbucks person came with mini frappuccino’s(caffeine free) and chocolate chip cookies. My kids were in the high life then. So they couldn’t wait to go back and hear the stories and have delicious treats. So we did go back a couple of weeks later. We heard some great ocean stories but alas, no snack. They still ask to go back but not as fervently as before.


So this week I thought we would try out the library story time. I wasn’t expecting much, just a couple of books to be read and then be on our way. We went to the story room space and it was about half full, by the time we were done it was full to overflowing. They had a younger story teller who had good expression and was good at showing everybody the pictures. They had the story time based on the letter D. We said the letter and the sound. Then we did a little action story with us running (patting our hands on our thighs) and flying to the library. Then she read some stories that we could interact with. In between stories the kids would get to do action songs along with a CD and that was really fun. It was nice because it kept all the kids interested and it was a learning time too. We were all pleasantly surprised and will be going back again soon.

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