Up your nose with a rubber…shoe?

One night, when Abigail was three, we put her to bed and she came up a few minutes later crying. Since it was very rare that she got out of bed, we were curious. We asked what was wrong and she said, “My nose hurts.” “Why does your nose hurt?”

“Because my eye is in it.”

Jonathan and I looked at each other. How can her eye be in her nose? So we decided to investigate further. We looked in her nose. Sure enough there was an eye up her nose. She had taken a eye off of one of her crafts from school and stuck it up her nose for some reason.

Usually we don’t get a reason why they stick things up there nose, they just do and that’s that. Well, the next time Abigail came to me with something stuck up her nose I of course asked WHY? “Because I didn’t want Lydia to have it.” Well, I am sure that is a great place to put it to keep it away from anyone. Since I wasn’t proficient at getting things out of the nostrils yet, I had to call Daddy to come home. I feared I would do more damage than solve the problem.

So yesterday when Joel came to me with a Polly Pocket shoe stuck up his nose, I just had to laugh. I tried to get him to blow it out, but since he hasn’t quite mastered that yet he was inhaling. So I immediately stopped that plan. I then went and got the magic tweezers and pulled the shoe right out. Hopefully this will be the last thing I will be pulling out of anybody’s nostril.


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