It’s Not a Toy… It’s a Time Saving Device

I stole this phrase. It’s from “The Pirates Who Don’t do Anything”, but it is so relevant to our family.My new favorite toy is our GPS. It has definitely saved me more than a few times, I don’t know how many wrong turns I have taken, but I know it would have been a lot more if I didn’t have it. It’s so nice I can go anywhere I want, I just type in the name and it takes me there. It even tells me how long it will take to get there. It is perfect, well almost perfect. I have found that if I use it too much it becomes my crutch. I have to just leave it in my purse once in a while to make sure I really have the ability to find my way around…by myself.

Jonathan’s new favorite toy is….drum roll please….an iPhone. Yes, I finally caved. He has wanted an iPhone before they came out the first time. He has begged and pleaded with me. He has tried to reason with me but I just didn’t see why I should spend that much money. If you had seen his last phone you would know what I mean. He cracked the glass on the cover twice within a month. In fact he had been carrying it around with tape over the cracked glass for a couple of months because he knew we would be switching plans soon. So what were the magic words that persuaded me? “Work will pay for it.” There you have it. Now he has his iPhone. It is a pretty neat phone I have to admit. I am glad he was able to get his heart’s desire. Now my only question is, what next?

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