First Day in the First Grade

Today was Abigail’s first day in her new school. She has been waiting for this day all summer and it finally came. Her school doesn’t start until mid morning but she was ready to get her uniform on and go at eight. I was able to take my time getting ready, due to the later start, what a blessing. While waiting, she took some time to work on her prayer magnet book that we bought for her earlier this summer. I even had a little extra time and painted her nails.
By the time we were ready it was pouring rain outside. I have a hard enough time driving the highways on a sunny day, so I was not looking forward to driving through the rain. The other problem I had was that every time I have driven to Abigail’s school I have taken a wrong turn. I was praying, and so was Abigail, that I would be able to get there this time without any wrong turns. God heard my little prayer and we did make it without any trouble. As soon as we saw her school Abigail said a thank you prayer, I think she knew this was something I could not have done on my own.
Jonathan met us at the school for the big occasion. We walked her into the school and right away she knew she was in the right place, where she belonged. Not necessarily because of all the kind, helpful people in the hallways, but all the girls were wearing her same outfit. Yes, Abigail gets to wear a uniform to school, the same outfit everyday. She loves that she gets to wear a dress every day and that is totally her personality. She loves to wear dresses, she also likes order. She likes color by numbers and being given boundaries. I do wonder if this same outfit every day will not be so exciting in a month or so, but it sure is convenient and cute.
We arrived at her classroom and said hello to the teacher. Then we found her cubby and put her stuff away. We did our few photo opportunity’s and then said goodbye. It was hard leaving her at a new school, and her not knowing anyone, but I know she will make friends fast and have so much fun learning.
I recently went to see the movie Mamma Mia with my sister. We both just about started crying when we heard the song “Slipping Through My Fingers”, thinking about our little girls growing up. I am continually thinking about this song lately and trying to appreciate each precious moment with my kids.

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