What we do with our day.

Now that Abigail is off to school every day, I am the mom of two for most of the day. Although I miss Abigail being home, I am enjoying getting to know Lydia and Joel and seeing their personalities shine.
I am trying to do a little “homeschool” with Lydia this year. We have been mainly working on learning all her letters and how to write them. We are also working on recognizing numbers. So far it is going pretty well and I have been able to come up with different learning variations to keep her creative mind happy. She loves to write notes, so I am hoping that once she knows her letters and can make words that I will continue to receive them.
I am also trying to teach Joel a few things this year. We are working on colors and shapes a little bit. The one thing I am hoping he master’s is potty training! He is not completely interested yet, but his third birthday is creeping up fast. (3 is the magic number for potty training in our house.)
We also run our errands and try to keep the house clean. In fact, today Lydia and Joel wanted to help me while I was cleaning. First Lydia swept the kitchen, she did an excellent job for a 4 year old. Next she wanted to wash the windows. That was fine, until Joel wanted to do it too. So, I let Joel take the swiffer and told him to go dust. They kept busy for quite a while. I had to eventually take their tools away when I saw that Lydia had drenched a window and Joel was wiping it with the swiffer.
We actually do play once in a while. Lately, our favorite thing to do is to find our little piece of grass next to our condo and play. We bring out our soccer ball and Mills frisbee. Sometimes we take off our shoes and feel the grass on our feet.(Which is a big thing for me to let them do, since we live near a dog walking area;) Lydia and Joel spin like helicopters, roll down the hills like a log and play tackle frisbee. This is the best part of my day.

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