I want to share a few things that have happened with Abigail lately.
Abigail has inherited my sweet tooth. We don’t allow the kids to have a lot of candy, but occasionally we let them have some. Well, about two weeks ago Abigail was starting to throw fits about not getting candy when she wanted it. The last time she threw a fit, Jonathan decided to relate her candy fits to her spiritually. He was saying that making candy more important than anything was like it being an idol. It really hit her then, because she knows that idol worship is bad, but she had always thought of it as a statue – not something so common. We could just see God working on her then, she was truly having remorse. So we read some of the Bible and after talking some more she decided to ask Jesus to save her. Hallelujah! She’s a child of the King and we will see her in heaven. It has been really neat watching her, not quite understanding it all, but still eager to learn. It has also been a challenge to me, as I know she is watching me.
Abby also came home, last week, with a character award from school. She has always been a good girl, and it was great to see her being recognized for it. On it her teacher wrote “I have noticed that you have allowed God to help you be kind to others in our class. You have shared, spoken nicely, and solved problems calmly and respectfully.”
Another thing she brought home from school was a picture from Art class. She was told to draw each member of her family as an animal. It was interesting to see what she picked and her explanation for it. Jonathan was a Polar Bear – because he likes to relax a lot. I was a flamingo – because I like to sleep a lot. Lydia was a ladybug – because sometimes she moves so slow. Abigail was a butterfly(I can’t remember why, but I know she likes them). Joel was a Lion – because he likes to tackle a lot.
I love watching my little lady grow up.

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