The “S” Word

Jonathan’s hair was starting to look like an afro. So, the other night, after the kids were in bed, I gave him a haircut.
The next morning, I asked the girls if they noticed Daddy’s hair cut. Lydia said, “It looks handsome” and Abby said “You look HOT!”
Jonathan was quite surprised to hear his daughter call him “HOT” but I said “At least she didn’t say the “S” word” (meaning sexy).
Abby said “I know what that is.”
Jonathan and I looked at each other, wondering if she had been learning new vocabulary at school.
Jonathan said, “What is it?”
Abby was afraid she would get in trouble if she said it, but we told her she wouldn’t and just to tell us.
Then she blurted it out-”STUPID”.
So now Jonathan and I have taken to calling each other “stupid”. (Not in front of the kids, of course, we wouldn’t want them to think it was okay to say the “S” word.)

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