Sew, now what?

I have been looking for dresses for my girls. All their dresses are sleeveless and that won’t work for the Minnesota winter. So, I looked at trusty Target but couldn’t find any that would work. I also looked many other places but only found denim jumpers and fancy Christmas dresses. So, Jonathan suggested I make them dresses. I am not what you call a seamstress, in fact the only thing I have sewn with my machine in the past ten years by myself, is curtains. I was not thrilled with the idea but I was prepared for the challenge.

I went to the fabric store and found a “simple” pattern but could not find a fabric that I liked. About one week later I decided to look at Kohls to see if per chance they might have a dress so I wouldn’t have to try at making one myself. To my relief, they had a rack full. I bought one for each of the girls and returned the next day to get another. Now I didn’t have to make them which was relieving.

I had decided to sew some other gifts for Christmas, so I went back to the fabric store and ended up finding some really cute fabric for the dresses.

I couldn’t wait to start sewing, but I wanted to measure the girls first and they weren’t available. I knew I had to be proactive in this moment. I thought for a little while, then I remembered how my girls always want to wear my apron when we are baking. So, I decided to make them an apron out of some extra material I had(from an apron my MIL had helped me sew). I just cut the shape from a dress up apron they had(that was starting to fall apart) and Voila! I did it! Now if everything was as easy as an apron. Only time will tell if the dresses will work out as well.

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