Losing a Tooth

Before Church a couple of weeks ago I had a some spare time, so I decided to help the kids get their teeth really clean. As I was brushing Abigail’s teeth I noticed she had an extra tooth coming in behind her baby teeth. I was concerned, of course, but I could do nothing about it at the time. So, when Jonathan was done working he took a look at it and told her to work on wiggling it all day. We decided that we would give her $1 if she was able to lose it herself. (Much cheaper than a dentist bill.) She was able to get it pretty loose but wasn’t able to get it out. So, daddy stepped in, and eventually so did the pliers. A little while later she came out proudly with her tooth in her hand and her new goofy smile. Jonathan was also pretty proud of being able to help with the whole process. I think that is a “man” thing because I didn’t even want to be in the room.

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