This last month has been quite a whirlwind!
The kids were sick for the last week and a half that Jonathan was gone.
Jonathan arrived safely home (Thank you God!)
Then we had to figure out what was wrong with the van and get it fixed. We got it taken care of for about a third of the price we were expecting PRAISE THE LORD!
We also started looking for a house, and this past week we put an offer on a house. We are still waiting patiently for an answer. We know God has our next home picked out already, which makes the waiting a little easier (but the cranky neighbors aren’t helping at all.)
This past weekend we got to have a quick visit to Brainerd and spent time catching up with friends and family all in one day.
This week we have parent teacher conferences with Abby’s teacher which should be uneventful since all reports have been excellent thus far. I am also starting in a Titus 2 homemaking group this weekend. I am very excited to get to know new people from church and learn some homemaking skills.
Next on the calendar is Florida! God blessed Jonathan and I with a Christmas gift of a trip to Florida. My mom said she would take care of the kids while we were gone.(Thank you, Mom!) So we are very excited to have this time alone together to rejuvenate our marriage and have a vacation from the every day life stuff.
Well… there you have it. More like a monthly grind than daily.

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