Jonathan and I were BLESSED to receive a Christmas gift of a vacation to Florida. We were very excited. We have had weekend vacations together, but nothing like this. We had seven days, no kids and no expectations.
We deliberately made no real plans. We just wanted this to be a REAL vacation and relax.
The things we did do:
We did visit the beach a couple of times. The ocean was beautiful but cold , the sand was soft and powdery and the sun was nice and warm.
While we were at the beach we were looking at what there was to do. I felt like I was at a county fair where the carnies are all yelling at you to try their “game”. We thought about parasailing and jet skiing but the price was not right.
We also went to a nearby citrus grove. Neither of us had been to one before. It was cool to see the orange trees and we got a great deal on a bag of fresh oranges.
We checked out a local flea market which was basically a senior citizen hangout.
We went to Epcot for a day. We both felt a little guilty going to a Disney park without the kids, but it was our vacation. Besides, I feel like Epcot wouldn’t be enjoyed as much by them, yet.
We got to hang out with some friends. It was great hanging out with some friends while we were away. Probably more so since we are still in the process of finding friends in our new home. We got to play some cards, share some food(shameless plug for The Melting Pot), and just hang out together.
We had an awesome place to stay. There was a pool there which was cold but we were able to lay out in the warm sun which is worth the whole trip in itself.
The seven days and nights away were great! We were excited to see the kids when we got back, despite the below freezing temperatures.

HUGE THANK YOU to the angels that gave us the trip and my parents who took care of the kids and more.

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