Guest Blog Post by Jonathan Davis

It seems like only a few days ago May was just starting. Kids brought May Baskets home from school, flower buds were starting to show here in the northland, and we were moving into our new home. Now May is nearly half over, I’m into week 3 of my five week class and as I look at the calendar, there don’t seem to be enough days left to host the number of things there are to do.

We are quickly getting accustomed to our new home, and are enjoying tremendously the benefits of townhome living. Joel is jumping around and bouncing (quite literally) off the walls. It is so pleasing to a father and mother to see the kids having fun, and not needing to tell them to tone it down out of courtesy for the neighbors. The patio is becoming the new popular hang out at our place, and soon it will also hold our beloved outdoor grill, as soon as I can get it out of storage (mom’s garage) in Merrifield.

Class is going well, but after over 2 years of classes, I am tiring of the study time and would prefer to be reading books of my choosing, rather than those assigned. Fortunately the assigned reading has almost all been wonderful and I am learning so much. I’m so excited about what God has next for us on this adventure we call life.

I just had my one year anniversary at Bethlehem Baptist Church and am absolutely loving it. It has gone from a large foreign place to becoming our church home. The theology is deep and rich and I thoroughly enjoy how it stretches me, as well as watching it stretch my beautiful bride of 10 years. The kids are learning scripture like I only wish I had at their age. God is being glorified here and that excites me. The social side of the church is somewhat lacking, but we all have areas we need to improve on.

We intend to have a Garage sale soon, I’m sure that Paula will be blogging about that or something else very soon. Thanks for all the prayers and love and support. They are priceless to us. One thing our patio is severely void of is friends and visitors, so please let this be an open invitation to you to drop by. Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, phone, or renew that great olde tyme tradition of dropping by unannounced. We would love to see you and share life together with you.

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