Toddler Tuesdays

The Mall of America has Toddler Tuesdays every week and I’ve always thought about bringing the kids but never have. That was until last week.
My MOMS group has ended which leaves Tuesdays totally free. So, I looked online to see what was going on that week. Free mini-golfing at Moose Mountain! Wahoo!
So, I brought Lydia and Joel, after dropping Abby off at school. It starts earlier than I can get there, and of course is a hot spot, so we had to wait in line for a while… around 30 minutes. The kids did well, considering. They got some moose antlers to wear and got to meet Mr. Moose. We also got to see Bubba Gump’s Shrimp while waiting.
We finally got to the front of the line and Lydia and Joel each got their own club and colored ball. We went to the first hole and I realized I had a lot of teaching to do.
Where to put the ball,
how to hold the club,
where to hit the ball…
No, don’t pick up the ball,
you CAN hit it more than once.
By the time we were done, I realized even an 18 hole mini-golf course is a little too big for preschoolers, especially when you are trying to keep ahead of the people behind you.
We handed in the clubs and they gave the kids a golf ball and some gummy bears, which of course would make any kid’s day.
We had a good time all in all. Seeing Joel punch his fist in the air and shout “YES” each time he got the ball in the hole was great. (Even if he putted 50 times to get there or placed it in the precise spot, next to the hole.) The greatest part was just having fun with my kids.

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