This spring Jonathan attended a tuition meeting for the next school year. This is where we would find out how much tuition would be for the next year. We had already had a figure in our heads of what that amount would be. We were quite surprised to find out that is was more than double that amount. We found ourselves having to make a big decision about what school would look like for the next year.
After much prayer, research, pros and cons lists and consultations we decided even if our tuition was free this year, we would want to homeschool. We are all very excited about this new adventure. In fact just today Lydia was telling our cashier at Target all about it. I am a little nervous and trying to get it all figured out before we start. (I have been reading homeschooling how-to books non-stop.) It’s a good thing I have a God who knows it all.
We would appreciate your prayers as we continue down this road.

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