First Day of Homeschool

We had our first day of homeschool on Monday. It went great! I thought I would let you in on what we did.

I started out with Joel. I am not doing a whole lot with him, but I read in one of the homeschooling books to spend some quality time with the little ones first. So far that has worked great. The girls did their jobs while I read “Corduroy” with Joel. After we read it I gave him a jar of buttons that he counted and sorted.

Then we all gathered and I said a short prayer. Then we worked on memorizing our fighter verses Psalm 139 : 1-5. We also sang “Holy, Holy, Holy” and learned about the author.

Next I gave Joel a new spiderman coloring book and his marble track to keep him busy. Then me and the girls were off to the kitchen to start with handwriting and phonics. Abby read a book to me, Lydia learned about the letter V, and then we took a snack break and I let them ride their bikes for a while. We came back and finished up with Math. While I worked with Lydia, Abby does her magnetic prayer book(magnetic words). Then we had lunch and quiet time.

I was advised to start out with a few main subjects and then add on as we get into our routine. So, we will be adding some Science, History, and Art eventually.

It was a great first day and I hope to have many more.

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