Labor Day Weekend

We had some good Labor Day family fun this weekend. We drove into Minneapolis to try a new donut shop we heard about, The Baker’s Wife. It was really yummy.

Then we parked our van to take a little trip on the train. The kids always enjoy riding the train and Joel doesn’t like to get off because that means the ride is over. We rode the train to the Mill City Farmers Market. We got to see some great local produce and the kids got to roll some oats. We took home some delicious Zestar! apples. If you want to get some cheap beautiful flowers, check your farmer’s market.

We got back on the train so we could get our van and then drove to Minnehaha Park. We ate our picnic lunch and then walked around the park and saw the Minnehaha Falls. Then we took out a surrey bike(with the fringe on top) for a ride. It was hard pedaling for us but we made it.

Then it was time to head home for a little nap before Jonathan went to work.

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