Trying New Things

Jonathan and I have always had somewhat of a bland palate. We like pizza, cheeseburgers you know all the bad stuff. We were never big vegetable eaters until we were forced to, when we had kids. Unbelievably our kids seem to like most fruit and vegetables.
Since I seem to get in a rut of eating the same thing over and over I decided to have the kids help me get out. I told them they could pick out a fruit or vegetable that we don’t normally get when we take our trip to the grocery store. The first pick was apricots(which I’m not sure were in season). Lydia loved it and ate it all gone. Joel ate three bites without coercion. Abby ate one and was done.
Some other picks have been broccoli(I know it really should be a regular in our house) and peaches. We regularly have canned peaches but this time they picked the “real” thing. The real thing turned out not to be so good but I think we just need to pick better next time.
Jonathan and I are adjusting to having more vegetables, but we still have to work at it.

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