Our First Homeschool Field Trip

This year when we decided to homeschool I knew I would want to join a homeschool Co-op. What is a homeschool co-op? Well, it has many meanings but basically it is homeschooling families getting together to learn, socialize and support each other.
The group I joined this year is made up of about 5 families. All of our kids are 2nd grade or younger. We are taking field trips together once a month and also plan to have a play date once a month. In September we visited an apple orchard.
The kids and I had been looking forward to this for quite awhile. Not only visiting an apple orchard but being with other homeschool friends. We were a little disappointed when we found out it was going to be raining the whole day but decided that that’s why God gave us umbrellas. So we dressed up warm and headed to the apple orchard.
There were a lot of fun things to do and learn about. The kids got to learn about pollination with the use of apple/apple blossom puppets. Abby was the bee and pollinated all the apple blossoms.

Then we went on a hay ride through the apple orchard. After the hay ride we learned some more about the orchard and the different kind of apples. We got to taste a Haralson and Honeycrisp apple. We also got to sample some cider and apple donuts.

Jonathan had to work so he missed out on the fun. He decided that we all had to go back to the apple orchard on his day off.

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