Everybody is posting what they are thankful for these days.  So I thought I would blog about something I am thankful for.  If you think it’s flowers, you’re wrong.  What I’m thankful for  is my husband.  One of the things he has always been good at is getting me flowers.


I don’t mean for birthdays or anniversaries, although I have occasionally received them on those dates.  I also don’t mean because we fight so much and that’s how he says  he’s sorry.

Most of the time I get them — just because.

I had received so many roses by the time we were married that I bought a lamp that I filled with the rose petals.  It is pretty big but still seemed to get filled fast.

One of the most memorable flower deliveries was actually a plant.  He sent it to me at the pharmacy I was working at and the note attached said — Congratulations on your new job.  (My new job being a stay at home mom.)  I don’t have that plant anymore, because I’m better at taking care of dead flowers than living plants, but I will always remember it.

Thank you God, for a husband that sends me flowers… just because.

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