Reading to kids

My kids have always liked books and I have always liked reading to them. I think it kind of goes hand in hand. I always knew reading was important but after reading Jim Trelease’s “Read Aloud Handbook” I think it took on a new level. It is a great book for ALL parents to read or anyone that spends time with children of any age. I don’t quite agree with him 100%, but there are some excellent things that I learned.

After reading that book we started having the kids have more SSR(Sustained Silent Reading) time, which means they spend 15 minutes in their room looking at books(for those who can’t read) or reading books quietly. I also try to do it at the same time to set an example to them.

Another thing I’ve tried to work harder on is reading aloud chapter books. We have all enjoyed this and I think it will become memories that we can cherish together.

Here are some of the books that I have read to them this past year that I recommend.

What books captivated you as a child?

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