My Status Today

I haven’t found the time to blog much lately so here’s a little look at what life was like for us today.

7:00 Getting ready for the day.

8:00 Jonathan off to work.

8:30 School time with the kids.

10:00 Giving the kids a snack.

10:30 Deep Cleaning, Organizing and Rearranging the kid’s rooms.

12:00 Having PBJ for lunch.

1:00 On our way to the Science Museum.

2:00 Watching a movie at the Omnitheatre about Elephants-really cool.

4:10- 5:05 Stuck in traffic.

5:25 Bringing overdue materials to the library.

5:30 Grocery shopping with 3 kids F-U-N (not).

6:30 Making waffles for dinner, double batch for the freezer.

7:30 Watching “Pistachio” with the kids. While baking some cookie dough I had in the freezer.

8:30 Putting the kids to bed.

8:45 Precooking. Sloppy Joes for babysitter tomorrow, taco meat for freezer.

9:15 Getting some cleaning done before Jonathan gets home.

9:30 Jonathan home from work.

Good night!

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