We did it!

Monday we celebrated the completion of our first year of homeschooling. Jonathan and I decided to celebrate by bringing the kids to the Waterpark of America.  We had never been, but every time we drive by the kids talk about wanting to go.  We kept it a surprise. I packed up the swimsuits and we loaded the kids in the van. We got there and said let’s drive by the slides, nah, let’s go RIDE the slides.  Then there was an exuberant scream from the back of the van.

I was a little nervous about if the kids would really enjoy the slides or if they would be too scared.  They did great!  Lydia was a little nervous to run around under the pouring water but quickly got accustomed to it.  The kids had a great time in their kid area which had some pretty cool slides in and of itself.  The slides were even fun for Jonathan and I.  We floated along the lazy river, you can never get too much of that.  Then  we went up to try the Family Tube slide.  Parts of this slide go outside of the building and you also go pretty high up the walls from side to side.  All of us enjoyed this, we went on a few more times, we would have gone more, but climbing the 10 flights of stairs was getting to be a little to much for us old folks.  We also went down a smaller tube slide paired with the kids-This was Lydia’s favorite.  The little kids and I went back to the lazy river and Jonathan and Abby tried out a couple other slides for the taller folk.  We also got to soak in the hot tub, shoot some hoops, attempted to cross the floating logs, and rode in the wave pool.  Jonathan also tried out some surfing.

After about 5 hours we were all pretty tuckered out.  We decided it would be good to just rest and watch a movie when we got home.  So, after getting all cleaned up we watched The Never Ending Story.

It was a great finish to our first year!

Now we’re looking forward to starting 1st and 3rd grade…

2 thoughts on “We did it!

  1. You have good reason to celebrate. You’ve done a great job with your first year. We’re very proud of you, Paula.


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