Little Entrepreneurs

Yesterday we had our annual garage sale.  We didn’t  have a whole lot to sell but a few big things that we really wanted to get rid of.  We were able to get all the big things sold and just a few small boxes to bring to Goodwill!

The kids wanted to have a lemonade stand and I was undecided.  Jonathan and I both had to be gone at separate times, so I didn’t want it to be more hassle for us.  I was also imagining a catastrophic lemonade spill in the middle of the sale.

Then I thought about how much they wanted to do it and that this would probably be their only opportunity for awhile.  Plus, they would have fun and probably learn from it too!  So Abigail and Lydia made a sign for Lemonade and crackers.  Joel brought out his little register.  They made a pretty good profit and no spills!

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