Strawberry Picking

A few weeks ago we decided to spontaneously go strawberry picking for the first time. We got our sunscreen, bug spray, and hats on and we were ready to go.   We went to a berry farm that a few friends had recommended.  They provided boxes to put your berries in for a small price. They mentioned that they held about 10lbs so I decided to start with 2.

They showed us which row was ours and we started picking.

It was perfect weather -cloudy, but not raining, and not too warm. There were also no bugs, which was an added blessing.  After about an hour, and starting our third box, the little ones started getting restless. So we decided to end there, though Abby and I wanted to get a fourth box. (I think I just wanted to keep up with the family next to us who had four boxes.)

I am glad we stopped when we did. When it was weighed we had 33 pounds of strawberries!

To be continued…

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