This morning I was not in the mood to run.  Scratch that.  The mood started last night.  I was getting discouraged.  Thoughts going through my head were:  I’m tired, I’m such a slow runner, I haven’t lost any weight, and I really would like the “runner’s high” I keep hearing about.

Then I didn’t sleep good.  I did go to bed at a reasonable hour, but woke up half way through and never got back to a solid sleep.

So this is how it all went down:

5:30-Woke up from alarm I had set. Still discouraged definitely not wanting to run.

5:40-Got up and got ready.

5:45-Out the door. Got my apps started.  Started my 5 minute warm-up walk.

5:50-Begrudgingly start to run. Thinking about all the reasons I should just quit now.

5:55-Been running for 5 minutes.  Maybe if I speed up my pace I’ll get that “runner’s high”.

6:00-10 minutes, still no high.  I hate running.  Maybe I’ll quit when I get to the bridge.

6:05-15 minutes, I still want to quit.  Then I realize it will take me longer to get home if I walk.

6:10-20 minutes, Only 5 minutes more and I will have made it as far as last week.

Extreme side ache.  Pain.  A good reason to stop.  The pain slowly subsides.

6:15-25 minutes, only 3 minutes left!  Surely I can make it  3 more minutes!

6:18- 28 minutes. Over. I finished. I STILL hate running, but  I did it.

So I finish my cool down walk, then I tweet my run.

I check my distance and time and realize I have the best time  and farthest distance I have ever had!  That totally brightened my mood.

Maybe I really don’t HATE running, but it definitely doesn’t come easy.  It’s hard work, but I’m going to “keep moving forward”.

Thank you, God for not giving me what I wanted, but for giving me what I needed.

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