Camping Day 2

This morning we woke up to rain, which is a real bummer when you are staying in a tent.  What stinks even more is we had to pack that tent up that day to go on to our next destination.  So, we started getting stuff in the tent ready  to pack up while  it rained and the wind blew fiercely. Once it died down we got out and went to the showers.  I had the girls wait outside my shower on the bench until I was done.  Just as I was getting out I hear a big thump and Lydia screaming.  I come out to find Lydia getting up off the floor with her mouth bleeding.  Apparently she had been standing on the bench… putting her socks on, it tipped over and when she hit the floor it broke her loose tooth out.  We put a cold wet cloth on it and then she was fine, but one tooth less and a little swelling on her top lip.

Jonathan was packing up our tent which was in close proximity with a neighboring tent and found this huge branch that was divinely placed right in the middle of the two tents, but not touching either.  Thanks be to God!

We were able to eat our cereal breakfast in the pavillion(a building open for the campers use with some games, tables and chairs) which was nice since our picnic table was all wet.  Then we packed up a drove to Mitchell.  We were going to there to see the Doll Museum and the Corn Palace.  When we got there we found out the Doll Museum was for sale-bummer.  So, we went on to the Corn Palace and took some pictures.  They change the decorated outside of it every year, which they began in 1892.  We went inside and saw all the pictures of how it had changed-it was kind of neat, but a very short stop.

We continued to drive on to our next camping stop in Kennebec, it rained on and off.  When we got there the rain had just stopped, but it looked like it would start any minute.  So Jonathan and I quickly put up the tent while the kids checked out the playground.  Soon after we got the tent up it started raining again.  It was also very windy.  We had a picnic in the tent for lunch.  Then Jonathan went off to get some homework done and I taught the kids how to play Pass the Pig.  We also continued reading “Just So Stories”.

Jonathan came back and told us there was a game room.  So, we got out of the tent for a while and played ping pong.  It rained a bit more and then God shared this double rainbow with us.  Beautiful!

The tent dried pretty quickly with the wind, and the rain was pretty much done.  Still there was a little chill from the wind and rain, which made it perfect to warm up some chili that I had pre-made.  We also had some hot chocolate and tea which warmed us right up.

We made s’mores again and as I was adjusting one of the forks I idiotically burned my fingers.  So I was able to teach the kids to be careful not to touch the hot roasting forks, but apparently they didn’t listen because Abigail and Joel proceeded to burn their fingers also.

We ended the night with Jonathan reading the Hobbit again.  We put some extra blankets on that night.

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