Reading the Bible Through

This is the time of  year where many christians pursue the goal of reading the Bible through in a  year.  I have grown up in a christian home and have been challenged many times to do this such thing.  It has been a challenge that I, sorry to say, have never conquered.

I have read through Genesis countless times, but this year it stops. It doesn’t stop because I am going to read the whole Bible this year.  See, I started a new reading plan last year.  It is a year reading plan, but being a slacker, didn’t make it through.  In fact I only made it half way through.  So this year I determined I was not going to start over again.  I don’t want to read Genesis again and possibly miss Revelation.  So I am pushing forward.  I have checked the boxes through half the readings and I am going to keep going.  There is no stopping me.  I will continue to plow through I Chronicles.  The son of… was the son of…. was the son of….  And maybe by this time next year I will be able to say…it is finished.  I will have finally read all of God’s Word.

Do you plan to read the Bible through this year?

4 thoughts on “Reading the Bible Through

  1. Good for you for not starting over. I’ve never read the whole Bible through in a year either. I’m not even sure I want to. But reading the whole Bible through is definitely a goal worth accomplishing on an ongoing basis, the length of the time frame isn’t that important.


  2. Two years ago John and I started this plan intending to take two years to do it. It seems much more do-able that way!


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