It’s been a little crazy here the last couple of weeks, so here’s the low down on our life.

Jonathan finished school. After 5 long years of him working full time and doing school at night -IT’S OVER! Not only is my amazing husband going to graduate this year, but he holds the Magna Cum Laude title. I am so very proud of him. We praise God for sustaining us during this long journey.

We are moving! Our lease is up next month and we knew our rent was going to be raised. So, we decided to start looking for a new place. We knew we wanted to be closer to the church campus we had been attending and where Jonathan will probably end up moving his office. We looked for a couple weeks and weren’t finding anything, which was very frustrating. We knew God had something for us. Then we found it. We signed the lease this weekend and will be moving in next month. I am trying to find time to get packing done, amidst homeschooling and homemaking.

The next couple months will continue to be crazy busy with 2 birthdays next month, attending a homeschool convention, moving, and Easter. In May Jonathan will have his graduation ceremony, bringing in some extra family and possibly a grad party (if I can figure out how to pull it all off).

I’m getting tired just thinking about it.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Yahoo Jonathan! And GREAT job Paula! When I graduated from grad school, my professors said that our spouses deserved a degree as well for all the extra effort and work they did to give the time for us to finish school. Way to go guys!


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