Abhor Evil :: Part One

photo by angelrravelor

Hi, my name is Paula and I LOVE TV. I may, in fact, be an addict.

Now that may be hard to understand, being that I don’t have cable or satellite. In fact the channels we do get only come in half the time. These days it is easy to watch TV without these avenues. We have hulu and Netflix…. These are how I got it all in. I love watching TV. It’s mind numbing, relaxing, thoughtless.

There was a particular show I was drawn to. It was great. Extreme drama, continuous story, little romances, …but there was also the other stuff.

The stuff you want to pretend isn’t there, because you’re enjoying the show.

The stuff that goes against all the righteousness I’ve been taught.

The stuff I would never want my kids watching.

It’s just a show…

Of course there was that one time where the acted sins were just too much for me to comply with and so I stopped watching. Then a few months later, I was drawn back in again. Every time I watch there’s that little nudge- this isn’t right- but I continue to ignore it because I am enjoying my mind being numbed, yet don’t quite realize that my heart is also becoming numb, numb to sin. Ignore, ignore, ignore…

Then He lays the hammer down.

Romans 12:9
Let love be genuine. Abhor evil, hold fast to what is good.

Okay. I don’t murder, cheat, lie. Okay, I’m good. Now on with life.

Yet, He keeps reminding me ABHOR evil, Hold fast to what is good, ABHOR evil, Hold fast to what is good. Okay, so what is evil in my life. I’m a good person, mom, wife…

Then that day comes around again. I turn it on and I finally see…

Evil, evil, evil…it keeps coming. Okay, this is what you have been telling me.

Now I must abhor it. I must abhor it? I MUST ABHOR IT.

It’s hard, but He makes it easier. I ask for forgiveness. Abhor the evil, Lord help me to abhor the evil.

This is just the beginning…

7 thoughts on “Abhor Evil :: Part One

  1. Oh man! Does this pierce to the heart! I’ve also been evaluating the areas/things I go to for escape. Thanks for sharing your heart Paula!


  2. I’ve been putting off reading this, ’cause I knew it’d be convicting (isn’t that another thing we do?). It takes a lot of courage to admit our struggles with pleasure seeking. We are easily addicted to things these days.


  3. Hi Paula, I was reading Rom 12:1-21 for bible study. The question it ask,”why should we abhor evil?” So I got on the internet and typed in the question and got this website. So my question is, what did you do to stop or doing that is working for you?


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