Homeschool Mother’s Journal

In my life this week….

Jonathan was in Florida last week and the kids and I went to visit my family in Brainerd. It was nice to have the family back together at home for Father’s Day. Jonathan was spoiled with an abundance of chocolate and blue-ray love.

Abigail had her first orthodontist appointment. The good news is she doesn’t need braces yet. The bad news is her teeth need some help. $$$ OY! I thought diapers were expensive.

My favorite thing this week was…

Watching Jonathan enjoying his fatherhood. Father’s day wasn’t all about him. He made it fun for the kids by bringing them to a splash pad in the heart of the city of Burnsville.

I’m reading…

I just finished my second (free) e-book, “The Pastor’s Wife”. It was a pretty easy read, but now it’s time to hit some more non-fiction. I’m thinking “Blue Like Jazz” is next.

You can always check my Books We’re Reading tab to find what’s current.

I’m cooking…

I was pretty busy in the kitchen this week. I’ve made two batches of bread, an additional batch of artisan bread, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. The brownies were supposed to be for a potluck, but after I baked them I realized I only used half the sugar. They are still edible but I opted to bring fruit to share instead.

I’m grateful for…

Sunshine! It was quite a rainy week or should I say two weeks! I see the sunshine popping out today. Thank you, Lord!

A video to share…

Here is a video made by my son, Joel. Whenever he meets someone he is sure to tell them he likes machines. Here he is describing one such machine.



The Homeschool Mother's Journal

4 thoughts on “Homeschool Mother’s Journal

  1. Thank you SO much for the kind and encouraging words on my mommy woes post. Sometimes it’s scary to put your self out there not knowing what ppl will think or way.


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