Well, it’s that time of year again- strawberry pickin’ time! We were down to 2 jars of freezer jam from our last years bounty. I had made plenty last time and able to give away quite a few jars. It makes a great gift. We loved having the fresh jam to pull out of the freezer. There is no store bought comparable.

We went to a new patch this year. It was a great place, very kid friendly, and they told us to eat as much as we wanted while we picked, bonus!

This year Jonathan was able to come with on his day off so we were able to finish in half the time. The weather was great again with cloudy skies and just enough heat. There were no bugs, but lots of weeds from the Seattle-like rain we’ve been getting.

The strawberries were SO sweet and juicy. I think better than our last batch.

We ended up with a little less this year, 27 lbs.

I was prepared for making jam this time. I pre-bought 25lbs of sugar 10 boxes of sure-gel and had the jars we used last year.

We made 47 jars of freezer jam of various sizes.

2 cookie sheets full of frozen berries for future goodies.

My first strawberry pie and strawberry cake.

I also made a batch of popsicles for these hot Summer days.

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