I was excited when Jonathan told me he wanted to go camping this Summer. I thought after our last trip, which consisted of many rainy nights and hail, he wouldn’t want to venture out in a tent again.

He and one of our friends put together a short little 2 day camping trip for us. We didn’t go too far from home this time, and actually stayed in the same campsite both nights!

We didn’t  have much planned besides getting there with our tent and food. We got there on Friday night and started unloading. Right away the kids started seeing lightning bugs, so that kept them busy for the rest of the night.

We got our tents set up and as we sat there figuring out what to do next we started getting attacked by mosquitos. They were vicious! We poured on the bug spray, but still were getting bit up. Lydia wanted to go to bed early just to get away, but I knew her energy would not do well in our tent. So, we got a fire started and that helped a little bit. While we were sitting around the campfire, we noticed another fire up high. The electrical transformer had a little fire coming out of it. It didn’t look too dangerous, except that there was a propane tank under it.

Soon the firetrucks and police men were out to check it out.

The kids and I went to bed in the meantime, and by the morning there was a new transformer up.

We woke up the next morning and had some  pancakes. Then decided to go into town and see what was around. Not much. So we ended up driving a ways to Harmony, MN to see Niagara Cave.

It was a surprisingly cool cave- in looks and temperature. The more we explore this earth, the more I am amazed at God’s handiwork.

We had a picnic lunch when we were done and headed back to camp. It was quite warm out so we headed to the pool. It felt great!

We roasted brats and hot dogs for dinner and had lots of dessert. S’mores and Donuts.

The bugs weren’t quite as bad the second night, but they made their presence known.

Sunday we woke up early to rain and fell back asleep to rain. It stopped for a little bit but looked like it might start again.

So I packed up the stuff from the tent while Jonathan cooked up some eggs and hash browns.

We dried off the tent  a little and packed it all up and headed out.

We had a great time! Can’t wait until the next camping trip!

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