Saying Yes

My kids often ask to do certain projects. These projects usually take some sort of effort on my part and will either make an extra mess either in my house or my kids. Painting, baking, getting the hose out, etc. Usually I am most likely to say “We’ll see” which basically means “NO, not right now. Ask again next week”. Today, for some reason, I said Yes.

Joel got the book Gizmos and Gadgets from the library last week. It is perfect for him, it helps him learn how to build all kinds of cool contraptions. This morning, as I was just getting ready to start my homeschool planning, he found something he wanted to build. I told him if he would gather all the supplies I would help him. So, he found some cardboard boxes and tubes, race track, tape and marbles. I got my box cutter.

We thought about how to best make use of the supplies we had.

We tried each piece out as we went.

Then we taped them on for the true trial.

Here is the outcome of our marble track box.

It started with a hole in the back of the shoe box, down the track, into the tube…

Around the corner of the box and a drop into another tube…

Through the middle of the box and a drop down an incline into a cup.

The girls also found there “tattoo” markers and wanted to make tattoos on themselves. “Sure, why not.” Here’s their work.

Abby made a princess crown on her foot.

Lydia made a castle on her leg. Almost full size.

Of course, Joel wanted in on that fun too.

I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of machine.

Saying “Yes” isn’t so bad. I don’t know if it’s part of my normal vocabulary yet, but it’s getting there.

Have you said “Yes” lately?

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