Just Keep Swimming

After our recent near drowning on the Fourth of July, Grandma graciously offered to get the kids some swimming lessons.

So, after my search for a good priced swimming lesson, I settled on going with Community Ed. They were giving lessons at the local middle school pools and had one session left for the beginner group for the Summer. The kids were very excited and so was I . They had 4 lessons a week for two weeks. On the day they had off we went and practiced at our friend’s pool.

They started off with a test to see what group they should be put in. Joel and Abby moved up to the second level but Lydia was still a little fearful of putting her head in the water.

She was blessed to have one on one lessons. With the work at lessons and a little practice in the bath tub Lydia got used to putting her head under the water. She isn’t afraid to bob in the water now. She will now even swim under the water which I am totally impressed with!

Joel was nervous to “dive” down to grab stuff off the bottom of the pool, but now he does it, no fear. He also swims quite well, especially under water. His new trick is jumping off the diving board at our friends and swimming to the side of the pool – no noodle!

Abby was in the highest level. By the end of the class she was able to swim the width of the pool with no flotation device and learned how to swim on her back. I was impressed with what she could do after learning the actual swimming skills.

The kids enjoyed it so much they didn’t want to quit. I enjoyed seeing them work hard to improve and learn new skills. It’s so much more fun bringing them to the pool and lake to swim now.

I’m thinking there might be more swimming lessons in our future.

(Thanks again, Grandma!)

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