In an attempt to get rid of some things and possibly make a little money, I did my first posting to ebay tonight. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but I did get a little help from Jonathan to make sure I did it all right. Here are my listings just in case you’re in need of anything I don’t need. It is mostly homeschool books that we are done with.

BOB books Level A Set 1 and 2

Abeka Phonics Reader Set

Abeka Letter Picture Flashcards

BOB books Collection 2

Abeka K5 Phonics Curriculum

Abeka Phonics and Reading Curriculum 1

Abeka Kindergartner Readers

Cuisenare Rod Assortment


I hope someone sees something they like!

2 thoughts on “Ebay

  1. I use Amazon for this type of thing, and have had good success. My strategy has been to list on the lower end of the price spectrum, ship the books wrapped in cardboard from old cereal boxes, and go with the cheapest shipping possible (Media Mail!). Otherwise, my profits were getting eaten up by packing materials and shipping.


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