I subscribe to a lot of blogs. I love reading and gaining knowledge from others experiences and wisdom.

Here are a few that I enjoyed this past week:

When it’s Hard to Find Time for God and PrayerA Holy Experience : This post really hit home to me. One of the quotes that really convicted me was, “Since when did I begin thinking my contribution to the world was so significant  – uncrumbed counters, unlegoed floors – that I was so necessary, that I couldn’t stop, slow, still and commune with Jesus?”

A Super Simple Homemade Air FreshenerThe Complete Guide to imperfect Homemaking : This looks easy, cheap, and cute.

Embryo Adoption: A Unique Option to Give a Child LifeKeeper of the Home : Something I have never thought about, but a good point. Also check out some of the comments.

Raspberry Oat Bars Chasing Tomatoes : I like finding recipes that I can use my jam in and this one looks delicious.

How to Glorify God at WorkDesiring God : A great list of answers from Pastor John Piper that will help even us stay at home type workers.

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