Waggin’ Tales

Our library offers a program once a month where kids can come in and read to dogs. These dogs are used for therapy so they are pretty used to people and kids.

Abigail LOVES animals, and that’s putting it lightly. So, I knew that she would just love to do this sometime. The other two kids seem to be a little afraid of “man’s best friend”.

We happen to show up at the library while the Waggin’ Tales was going on this Saturday. The librarian asked the kids if they wanted to come read to the dogs. Abigail was right on it! Lydia was an adamant no. Joel said no, but was curious.

Abigail loves to read but was more interested in petting the dogs, since she can read anytime.

Joel cautiously walked in, and finally settled in by the German Shepherd, “Dixie”, (because German Shepherd’s aren’t at all intimidating).  He read a book to her and then moved in between two huge white dogs, a Standard Poodle and Old English Sheepdog, and started reading. I was amazed! My little 5 year old boy, who usually walks to the other side of the sidewalk when a a dog comes along, was sitting in between two dogs that were bigger than him and reading them a story. It was absolutely adorable.

Alas, I didn’t have a camera with so you’ll just have to imagine it. Maybe I can get pictures next time, because we will be going again, (much to Jonathan’s chagrin).

One thought on “Waggin’ Tales

  1. Jonathan might as well get used to the idea. You know that he’ll have to put up with Abigail’s pets once she’s grown and has her own roof over her head. She’ll probably bring them to visit you too.


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