Dakota City

Last Friday we visited Dakota City. It is a little village made up of some old buildings at the county fairgrounds. They were having Harvest Moon Festival and we decided to check it out.

The kids got dressed in their old-fashioned garb to fit in with the scenery. When we arrived there each of the kids got a bag to put their goodies in and a list to check off the things they did.


The first place we stopped was the General Store where the kids each got to try their hand at coffee grinding.

Right outside they got to dip their own candles which took some patience and dexterity.

Then we went to the old School House and tried to drop the clothes pin in the jar.

Next door we got to grind the corn off the cob

and then turn the kernels into cornmeal.

Then we were off to the Train Depot to make some pinwheels,

try out the old-fashioned texting,

and iPhone.

We made a stop at the Printing Shop and stamped some cards with potato stamps.

Then we had to clean our muddied cloths with the washboards and put them through the wringer.

We went into the house and they had the old stove really working; cooking up some dinner and keeping the kitchen nice and warm.

We tried to stay out of trouble but ….

After we got out, we had some good, clean fun.

Then off to the Fire House to pump some water

and make some rope.

At the Library we got to make some cornhusk dolls.

We took a peek in the Gift Shop and Drug Store. Then we had a trolley/tractor ride around the loop and our last stop was the Post Office.

Since we had finished all our tasks we got free tickets to come at Christmas time.

We had an awesome time and can’t wait to go back!


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