Thrifty Thursday :: Auto Savings

When trying to get out of debt, you weigh the importance of everything. One of those things for us was the second car. We weren’t sure if it was a necessity for our family. I usually don’t need it, but Jonathan does work some odd hours. It is nice having that second vehicle when he goes to work before 7am on Sundays or works a 12 hour day on Tuesdays.

We also knew that his car needed a little repair work done soon. It was a 1,000 dollar car that we bought 6 years ago. It has been a great car, but we just didn’t know how much longer it would last.

We hadn’t really made a decision, and then it happened. I picked up my phone and saw that I had missed 11 calls from my husband. That means trouble. I found out his car had broken down on the way to work, thankfully he was able to get a ride from someone, while his car was towed.

We found out what was wrong with the car and decided it was worthwhile to get it fixed. Everything was fixed and all we needed was an alignment. During this time we were continuing to talk about whether we should sell it or not. We finally decided that it was time to sell. Jonathan even had a buyer in mind.

Then we got hit with another bomb. There is more wrong with the car that needs to get fixed before it gets aligned, and it won’t be cheap.

We decided to try to sell it as is, not sure if anyone would even want it. The next day we had a buyer and sold it for enough to cover the money we had just put into it! Praise God!

We have been a one car family for about a month now. It seems to be going well. Jonathan usually takes the car to work and we run errands after work and on his day off.

Our auto budget is already decreasing:

  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Repairs
  • Taxes

There are of course drawbacks to being a one car family, but right now it’s worth it to us.

What are some other ways you save on auto expenses?

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