About a month ago my husband had a scratchy throat. He had had a cold and thought maybe that was just how it was ending. He took a look in a mirror and saw something strange.There was a weird little lump in the back of his throat. He waited a couple of days to see if it would go away.

It didn’t.

He made an appointment with a doctor. He was a little worried about it going in. I really wasn’t. I figured the doctor would prescribe some antibiotics and it would go away. Isn’t that the fix for everything?

That’s not what happened. The doctor said-“I have never seen anything like this”. You should go see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. Hmmm… Not quite what you want to hear from someone who went to school for 8 years to study the human body.

I still really wasn’t worried. I figured this doctor wasn’t really any good and passed the work onto someone else.

Then he had his appointment with the ENT doctor. He came back from it and told me what the doctor said – “I’ve never seen anything like this”. He knew it wasn’t supposed to be there but wasn’t quite sure quite what it was. So he ordered an MRI and told him he would need surgery.

I went along this time for support. I was now getting nervous. Two doctors not being able to diagnose something? That’s not good.

After looking over the MRI results, the  doctor called and told us that it was a vascular tumor and wasn’t attached to the major artery and it was a benign hemangioma. Which is basically like a birthmark but not in a place you would usually find one.

It was good news, but I was still pretty nervous. My husband would be going under a heavy anesthesia with its own risks and someone was going to be cutting his throat! I knew I wouldn’t be totally relieved until it was all done.

Jonathan’s mom was nice enough to come and watch the kids while I went with him for the surgery. She is a nurse so it was nice having her there for any concerns that would come up after the surgery.

Jonathan had joked that he would try to live tweet the surgery. So like any good wife I took over his account while he was under. It made the time pass pretty fast playing and getting a laugh with #surgerylivetweet.

After a couple of hours, the doctor called me back and said all went well. Phew!

God has been gracious to us once again. I don’t say that just because my husband has a clean bill of health, but because of what He has been teaching me through this whole process.

More on that next time.

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