When the Unexpected Happens : Budget

We have been plugging right along on our debt. We have two school loans paid off and are getting ready to pay off a third. It feels good.

But what do you do when something unforeseen happens.  Maybe it’s unexpected medical expenses, car repairs, insurance premiums go up, or the state says you didn’t pay enough in taxes 3 years ago. Maybe, just maybe, these all happen to you within 1 month. That’s exactly what we’re dealing with right now. Here is what has helped us.

  1. Have a plan. – We are pretty much following the Dave Ramsey plan. I’ve listened to him quite a bit and read his book. I think he is wise in his money planning.
  2. Stop paying extra. – We have been able to pay extra on our loans and that is how we are paying them off so fast. Now that we know there is extra expenses, we are going to divert that funding and go back to paying the minimum payment for a time.
  3. Use some of your emergency fund. – We have a little bit in savings for emergencies. This may be one of those times where we need to use it. We just need to make sure we replenish it as soon as possible.
  4. Pay off extra expenses quickly. – These new expenses are just a little roadblock to getting our debt paid off. They could turn into a bigger one if we let them. We will pay them off as soon as we can.
  5. Trust God. – This really should be first. God knows. God gives us the job that makes the money. God is the king and in control.
  6. Get back on track. – Once we have those extra bills paid, we need to remember our goals. Turn that extra money back to debt.

Things will come up. We just need to trust God and have a plan, so we’re prepared when they do.

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