Welcome to Average Housewife!

If your a new reader, welcome, I look forward to getting to know you!

If your a returning reader, this site will be similar to the old one with a new name. I have transferred in all of the old posts and comments, but bear with me, I’m a work in progress and it shows in all areas of my life, including my website.

What should you expect when you visit Average Housewife?

Life Stories– I’ll be sharing what God is teaching me, family adventures, books I’m reading, my imperfections, and graces that God gives.

Money– We are trying to get rid of our debt. I will be sharing ways we are saving, our struggles, and accomplishments.

Food– Where would we be without food? (Besides 10 lbs thinner) I love cooking, baking, and eating. I hope to share recipes and tips as I improve my skills in the kitchen.

Averageness– I’m average – the norm. I’m no super wife or mom. I’m just an average woman trying to do her best. Sinner, but FORGIVEN. Knowing I won’t be the perfect parent, but my kids will survive. Being a housewife some days may look like homemade turkey pot pie and a spotless kitchen, or a call to Dominos and telling my daughter to borrow her sister’s underwear because I’m behind on laundry.

I hope you enjoy taking this journey along with me in my average life.

Feel free to comment, follow on Facebook or Twitter, and subscribe by email.

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