I Love My Peeps!

We live in the vicinity of the Mall of America, so we go there every once in a while to shop around and look at what’s new. One of the newest stores is Peeps & company. I saw the sign a few months ago that it was coming and I was just imagining a store filled with sugar coated marshmallow Peeps, in every shape and color, lining the walls.

They had plenty of those, and they also had the plush peep.

We were surprised to see that Peeps also has some connections.

Any flavor of Mike and Ike you could ever want.

Hot Tomales of different intensities – Hot, Hotter, Hottest, and 3 Alarm.

They also had Chocolate. I guess everyone has to get in on this staple.

Though I like sugar a LOT, these turned out to be my favorite peeps.

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