Just Average

Saturday I posted an assessment of my goals and what I would do to accomplish them.

I totally screwed up! (insert raspberry sound and L on forehead here)

I messed up within 24 hours. I didn’t even think to set my alarm for 5:30. I’ve been doing it for two weeks but for some reason, I just set my alarm at 7, so my husband could get up in time to go preach. We even went to bed early! I guess his guest preaching was kind of on the brain and nothing else.

One of my faults when planning is not looking ahead. That can sometimes be a big problem.

When we got back home on Sunday I started thinking about what I needed to get ready for the week. I’m planning the next nine weeks for homeschool. Wait, I’m planning this week?! I guess that nullifies turning off the computer, which I use for planning. I will still need to manage my time wisely, but in a different way.

Oh well, I guess that’s part of what makes me an Average Housewife.

3 thoughts on “Just Average

  1. I was chatting with someone yesterday about how to manage your time when working on the computer all day. One of the ideas we came up with was setting an alarm on our icalendar for when we need to have completed a task or need to begin working on a new one. That would at least keep us from letting the time get away without realizing it until the end of the day.


  2. It’s amazing to think how dependent we all have become on computers to get through the day. I couldn’t imagine trying to plan a homeschool year without one. Time management, as you indicated in your previous post, is the key. Definitely a great goal to work towards (I need to add that to my list of goals as well!)


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